Soft matter is at the core of modern technology as well as of the living organisms. Our group explores how self-organising nature of materials, such as liquid crystals and photosensitive films, can be manipulated by light, structured geometries and inorganic nanoparticles. Experimental investigation, as well as new mathematical approaches to their understanding that we pursue, offer some challenging research questions that pave the way to innovative, adaptive optical components and technologies. We also develop new, photonics based tools to characterise soft matter.





Smart optical material system – mechanically reconfigurable gold metamaterial integrated with liquid crystals. 
We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate with a background in physics, an interest in photonic technologies or material science, and a desire to develop advanced skills in nanofabrication, electron and optical microscopy, experimental photonics and computational electromagnetic modelling. Applicants are expected to hold undergraduate degrees equivalent to UK 1st class honours.
To discuss any details of the project informally please contact Dr. Vassili Fedotov (vaf@orc.soton.ac.uk) or Prof. Malgosia Kaczmarek (mfk@soton.ac.uk).



Our APL article: feature paper and on the cover page